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The Soft World

Local left-over wool from Dutch landscape-projects is usually just thrown away. Beatrice Waanders from The Soft World thinks this is a waste, considering the superior properties and the beauty of the wool. They have put the wool in a hanging room-divider. Not carded, woven or felted, just sewed in, pure as it is. Like this, the wool shows his best, a fascinating graphic design and gives comfort as well; the best acoustic solution. HIDDEN literary shows what it contains, the opposite of nowadays mass production where it’s hard to track the origins of products. HIDDEN doesn’t hide, but you can hide behind.

The Soft World is the sustainable woolfelt label from Rotterdam based designer Beatrice Waanders. Since 2008 she explores the boundaries in felting with raw left-over wool into contemporay bespoke designs for modern architecture. This has lead to a worldwide clientele of interiordesigners and collaborations in fashion with for example Givenchy Paris and John Galliano for Maison Margiela.

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