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The ORU KAYAKS CLUB NL will present the prototype of THE INLET origami kayak. This Kayak is designed for paddlers of all skill-levels to be played with on flat water. It is very easy to assemble and when not in use, THE INLET  folds down into a box measuring just 100x48x25cm. From box to boat to water and back, in only a few minutes.

Being the 4th generation of ORU KAYAKS the INLET  is the smallest model ever (weight 9kg, boat length 3m, max load 115 kg), with far fewer assembly steps. While in Europe this prototype is first shown at OBJECT, in the USA the INLET has already been listed by TIME MAGAZINE for one the 100 best innovations of 2019. ORU KAYAKS CLUB NL is part of Adoráble ART+DESIGN, a gallery based at The Hague.