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Adoráble ART+DESIGN is a gallery based in The Hague that represents artist from the Dutch and international design scene. With their thrilling visual design objects, they guarantee an exciting experience and make a collectors heart beat faster.

At OBJECT they will present the work of Melchior van Dansik, who created a stunning new design in the wide range of already existing tripod tables. The iconic NDEBELE TABLE is very light: you could pick it up and carry it around in one hand. Yet, it is surprisingly strong and stable. The table thanks its name to the copper wire bounded around the leg, which is reminiscent of a silhouette of the adorned necks of the Ndebele women of South Afrika.

Further on show at Object Rotterdam:

INGE BECKA – porcelain collector’s items.

TANIA CLARKE HALL – Leather jewellery from Londen.

INLET – the revolutionary foldable design kayak

Website Adoráble ART+DESIGN