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Klaas Kuiken x Charley Reijnders

Under the name of White Noise, designers Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders will present their joined collection Stop Making Sense. This collection is a contentless quest— annoying incomprehensible and yet very relevant. The viewers will be faced with plastic shit, immersion, deepthroating, arsonist, capitalism, yellowed food, punk, white bags, dirty mattresses and the consumption society. Above all, Stop Making Sense is one big statement and no statement at all.

Studio Klaas Kuiken Product Design and Charley Reijnders are based in Arnhem. In their workshop at the IPKW they work on different projects with a broad range of materials and techniques. Additional to Stop Makings Sense, Klaas Kuiken will show a series of glass experiments and Charley Reijnders will show Onklaar, a collection of layered images and objects.

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