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Beatrice Waanders

HAPPY SHEEP is a series of rugs with the colour mark of the ram still in the wool. This part of a sheep’s fleece is usually thrown away as worthless wool unsuitable for dyeing. Beatrice Waanders thinks this wool is a natural part of the way we keep sheep and gives it a prominent place. Sustainable, as the colour is already there, and no need to give the wool an extra dye bath.

BEATRICE WAANDERS is a Rotterdam based designer. Since 2008 she explores and pushes the boundaries in felting with leftover raw wool from Dutch local landscape projects like sheep flocks, into contemporary bespoke designs for modern architecture. This has lead to a worldwide clientele of interior and fashion designers, and commissioned work for Givenchy Paris, LVMH, Maison Margiela, John Galliano for Rihanna. Recently she collaborated with Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout for Art Basel.

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