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Gallery based at The Hague promoting thrilling objects of visual design. The cutting edge combination of 2- and 3-D pieces from the Dutch and international design scene realizes an exciting experience and makes a collectors heart beat faster. Adoráble ART+DESIGN participates at the major Dutch and international Art Fairs and is member of NGA (gallery association) and Kunstkoopregeling by Mondriaanfund.

The award winning design ORU KAYAKS are made in California and part of the collection of MoMA San Francisco. Adoráble is the first to bring this scoop to the Netherlands, a foldable twoseater kayak, made of one single sheet of material. Want to paddle solo? This Oru Kayak can also convert to a single-seater kayak. Finished? Fold it to a box of 73x 83x 38cm and store anywhere!

Further on show at OBJECT Rotterdam
MELCHIOR VAN DANSIK – Ndebele Tables, Nomadic furniture
ANDRÉ van LIER – Hexametric Mirror
JG CHAIRS NEW YORK – Vintage furniture, 1950
TUSCANA CHAIRS – Vintage chairs Sapority, 1970
KOOLHAAS – Carpet, 1980

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