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Melchior van Dansik | Celia Hadeler

NDEBELE TABLE meets design objects by Celia Hadeler and Annemieke Louwerens

Van Dansik designed a light and very steady table; you can grab it by the neck and carry it around easily just in one hand. The series are unique individuals, all signed and numbered. The high version is ideal to show an object of beauty, the lower (70cm) is suitable to carry your drinks or laptop.

Celia Hadeler’s new series of Rugs & Wall Hangings are inspired by folds and wrinkles. They are colourful and work as a trompe l’oeil, absolutely eye-catching. Manufactured of 100% New Zealand wool.

Annemieke Louwerens’ favorite quote is ”I have a daily need for Color, like I have for Food”. Circles and lines are basic ingredients for her rich paintings, collages and ceramic vases, bowls and cups. Her work is irresistible for those who are intrigued by color, rhythm, grids and structures.

Adoráble ART+DESIGN explores contemporary art and searches for cutting edge combinations of 2- and 3-D objects of visual design from the Dutch and international art scene.

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