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Pascale Theron

The ostrich feather was once a highly valued commodity during the 19th Century, as Victorian and Edwardian woman sought out big plumes to decorate their flamboyant hats. Since then, the feather has fallen from grace and now its main use is removing dust or in tacky carnival costumes.

Pascare Theron aims to enhance the value of the ostrich feather, a very specialized product coming from the 150 year old ostrich feather industry in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. She hopes to go beyond the aesthetic and decorative and rather return it to its former glory in a more integrated and practical way.

Collecting feathers from the ostrich is the removal of dead material and is the equivalent to cutting fingernails causing no pain to the bird. It could be a very functional interior textile, as well as a new solution to the fashion industry, as the new ‘fur’, without all the death usually associated with fur.

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