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Paula Strunden

In response to London’s housing crisis, the location-based Virtual Reality experience Micro-Utopia: The Imaginary Potential of Home proposes a shared, immersive and interactive version of a home, where space is born from the finely-tuned sensorial interplay between the body and virtual/physical objects connected to the Internet of Things.  

A chair invites us to stay with it for a moment; we crawl through a demanding fireplace; our hands are washed in a bowl of digital liquid – the highly speculative model of domesticity explores the architectural implication of co-inhabiting a minimal physical infrastructure within infinite highly bespoke virtual worlds.

Drawing on radical art practice, interiors in historical painting and contemporary product design, Micro-Utopia is the dream of a house that is nothing, but the parameters of our perception triggered through the metaphorical dimension of the objects we interact with daily.

Photo by Richard Morrison, Expanded Realities Exhibition, Open City Docs London 2018

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