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ATELIER DRÉ WAPENAAR prestents:  CUBE 1 (1991) & WALLBIRDS (2017). Both works are multiples.

CUBE 1 can be seen as an early study into 3-dimensionality, autonomity of the work, and it’s juxtaposition with the human size! The ribs of the cube are replaced by their opponents, the curved line. In this way a defintion of the cube by means of it’s denying comes into sight.

In his long lasting “tent-series”, Dré Wapenaar regulary presents “birds-tents” of which this WALLBIRD series is the most recent one. Available in different colors of canvas and in several settings (in couple – and in diagonal composition ). All works by Dré Wapenaar are scaled 1:1. All related to the human body or feathered companions.