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Dutch Chairmen

We travel creative production sites, suburban tech-barns and freshly established workshops that speak to the imagination. Searching for strong designs that appear to be adaptive to daily life we could even encounter solutions that will influence our future values and community standards. But… what if those strong designs truly outlive generations? Has the story been told looking back in time and into the future? Take a chair and discover different perspectives looking ahead for fertile opportunities.

Designers, collectors and enthusiasts are finding their way as Dutch Chairmen ambassadors thru fairs, workshops and experimental shows. The presented objects and designs are related to one-off productions, prototypes, new releases and future inspirations.

Represented design from:
– Richard Hutten [THREEVE, BETOO, RONE, 2017. Produced by JCP universe, official NL-release, sales and NL distribution by Dutch Chairmen]
– Max Jungblut [SEARCHING CLUB 2.0-series N=1: 3D printed scoop, limited edition 1of9. 2018. Starting up crowdfunding]
– Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen [FOAM CHAIR, 2012: classic on demand, ready for next gen] and [EUPLECTELLA, 2017, lamp series: official NL-release]
– Dré Wapenaar [CUBE 1 1991 @4th floor 4.12 & WALLBIRDS 2017 @ 1.16: nomadic sculptures for companions]
– Rolf Bruggink [CUT PORCELAIN 2010-recent: inside out]
– Stokpaard [WOOL acoustic panels, 2018. First introduction outside of Zeeland]
– Richard Hutten [CIGAR BOX, 2002: “Merged in smoke” Nr. 100/100 excl. R. Hutten owned and signed 2018 including requested subtitel]
– Gavin Munro & Wouter Storm [FULL GROWN, 2017 chairs in pre-order. Starting up crowdfunding]

All for sale, all in production or distributed by Dutch Chairmen. Feel invited to contact Dutch Chairmen to provide unique applies art objects, design consultancy and sales.

Website Dutch Chairmen [pop-up stage for high-end Dutch design]

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