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Studio Joris de Groot, Tijn van Orsouw and Robbin Baas


During OBJECT 2018 we (Studio Joris de Groot, Product design Tijn van Orsouw and Robbin Baas) exhibit pieces of our latest collections. The products are based on the technical textile, Colback, this project is supported by the expertise of Low & Bonar. Robbin Baas designed the Vertical Garden. He folded layers of Colback and combined them by weaving the Colback pockets together with water tubes. Tijn van Orsouw designed the series Light Composers. He created adjustable window screens from folded Colback. Joris de Groot designed the collection Pleated Seats. Inspired by the production processes of air filters, a product made of Colback, he created a new collection of seatings.

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