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REM Atelier

REM Atelier is a continuous, collaborative art and design project that started in 2015. The objects and installations created by artist Remty Elenga and designer Remco van Halderen are oftentimes an investigation into functionality and decor. Investigation into everyday objects, playfulness and spatial awareness characterize the work of REM Atelier. The works never merely serve to decorate a space. Rather they create an alternate space, subjecting the surroundings to the artwork.

At OBJECT they will present ‘crop’. Crop is a six piece light installation which consists out of different size lightboxes with representations of giant plants trapped inside. All ‘crops’ are taken from a single image that is divided into multiple frames. When one stands straight in front of the piece all frames together take shape as a whole, but when one circles around, the images stand autonomously, playing with the eye and it’s perception.

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