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Colour explosion at the Euromast!

For OBJECT 2018 contemporary Dutch artist Christie van der Haak brings a burst of colour into the interior of the Euromast by installing her vibrantly patterned carpets and walls. She will not only have to compete with the Jan des Bouvrie-designed black and white interior, but also with the magnificent view: ‘Visitors will have to choose as to where to look at: the view or the colorful patterns’.

Van der Haak is internationally recognized for her big oeuvre in pattern design art: ‘patterns make people happy’, so she believes. Almost meditatively she distracts from the bustle of everyday life by drawing by hand. These drawings eventually become patterns for art prints, wallpaper, woven textiles and even buildings. She is famous for her creative use of colour, but also her black-and-white patterns really communicate. Christie now wishes to open up to a wider public with accessible art-design products. In New Citizen Design, she has found her creative and entrepreneurial partner. The two have teamed up to launch products like: ‘Christie’s Carpet’ on high quality printed vinyl, ‘Christie’s Wallpaper’ and ‘Christie’s Fabrics’. From these jacquard woven fabrics, Piet Hein Eek launched a new series of beanbag seats this past edition of Dutch Design Week, consisting of a chair, daybed and poof.

Christie’s pattern designs connect to the philosophy of William Morris who, in the nineteenth century, reacted to the ugliness of mass production and said about his designs that ‘no pattern should be without some sort of meaning’. They also relate very strongly to our present lives in which we are flooded with information and are visually orientated. We almost split ourselves up to be able to digest all the simultaneous information. In Christie’s patterns the viewer can also get lost, depending on the way he or she looks at them. With real focus, there is a world to discover. A fantasy in which to drown or an imagination to dream of.

New Citizen Design is an agent, developer, project manager and consultant of design products and design thinking. We provide a platform for design products that are curated on their consciousness of a sustainable society and the well being of its citizens. In our era of radical change on multiple levels, a new citizen arises: a contemporary, metropolitan person with a set of values that include a certain involvement beyond the individual stake. The New Citizens relates to consciousness, interaction, inclusion, sharing and circularity.