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Marianne Kemp & Beatrice Waanders

Marianne Kemp and Beatrice Waanders are Dutch textile artists specialised in handmade bespoke tapestries for interior and architectual applications. Both artists have a long career in developing their own innovative techniques and designs in natural unusual fibers to create their incomparable one-off pieces.

Kemp’s unconventional weaving techniques with horsehair enables her to add volume to her weaving creating three-dimensional effects formed on the loom. Work that swings, sways, catches light and casts shadows and carry her unique indisputable signature.

Waanders has for her label The Soft World specialised in handmade felt from wool of old local sheepbreeds. She explores the possibilities of the natural process of woolfelting resulting in interesting surface-design structures.

Kemp and Waanders share a similar aesthetic approach in their designs, they show a fascinating combination of delicate and distinctive features.

Silence Please

For OBJECT 2018 Kemp and Waanders create a silent space in a hectic noisy world. Their slow-designed work supply the visitor a calm moment in time through serene aesthetics in a literally acoustic muted space, they show solutions for interior and architecture.

Waanders welcomes her visitors to take a contemplative rest in her single Woolcocoons.

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