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Pop-up presentation Euromast

During OBJECT we team up with the renowned Euromast and host a design installation high up in the sky. The Euromast is located in the Scheepvaartkwartier district. It is a 30 minutes walk and a short drive from our new OBJECT location. A free shuttle service connects the HAKA building with the Euromast. From the HAKA building take tram 8 at Marconiplein and get off at the ‘Euromast’ stop. The Euromast can also be reached by water taxi. Paid parking is available for cars and buses can park free at the designated parking places.

PLEASE NOTE: at the Euromast location there is no OBJECT ticket office available. To get access to the OBJECT design presentation at the Euromast, get your ticket at the HAKA building first!