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Ontwerpduo (est. 2008) dreams and demonstrates, fantasises and fulfils, devises and designs. The studio works for labels and brands on request, and once a year presents its own thematic collection in which the poetic and practical converge.
A birdcage in which you can swing freely, lamps that subdivide like trees, or a table you can play marbles on: the fantastic world of Ontwerpduo emerges from the collaboration and chemistry between Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink. Tineke likes to imagine things just a little bit differently to the way they are by fantasising new functions for them, largely ignoring any practical or technical restrictions. Often these things are in a form that seems impossible – until Nathan becomes involved. He sets to work in a workshop that has come to resemble a laboratory. When he emerges again, Tineke’s ideas turn out to be feasible after all. And so everything can begin again, happily ever after.

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