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Femke van Gemert

After a career in commercial fashion Femke now designs wall hangings and rugs that are unique, handmade and sustainable, reevaluating textile waste that is omnispresent in our fast consuming society. She reuses textiles, creating abstract works in a single colour. The beauty of imperfection and deterioration over time are always visible in her creations. The composition she creates radiates a certain mood or longing laden with fragments of the former characteristics of the used textile pieces. In the creation process Femke thinks about certain societal or environmental issues, which are reflected in the titles.

In commissioned work clients can donate their own discarded textiles, improving the personal involvement the owner has with the work. The wall hangings improve acoustics and are suitable for homes, offices and public buildings. The love for textiles combined with the urge to explore the possibilities of discarded fabrics form a long-lasting source of inspiration and a way to express opinions in Femke van Gemert’s life.

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