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curated by Simone Post & Sanne Schuurman

Deconstruct and disrupt, reverse and reinvent: creatives seek to shake up the status quo. Envisions is a group exhibition that showcases everything but the end product. The works give insight into the different stages of their production – processes that would normally never be seen by the public’s eye. After presenting their experiments with great success in Milan, New York and Eindhoven in 2016 you can perceive the samples here in Rotterdam. Now for the first time you can also purchase a part of the process at the exclusive Envisions sample sale.

Participating designers at OBJECT 2017:
Aukje Fleur Janssen
Bastiaan de Nennie
Iwan Pol
Jeroen van de Gruiter
Robin Pleun
Sanne Schuurman
Simone Post
Studio Plott
Tijs Gilde
Wesley de Boer

Website Envisions