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Niels Hendriks


Memory is a very unreliable thing. In time it can distort facts, creating a new version of the original fact. The memory of a building can transfigure its physical architecture. Disconnected parts of the building can be merged together in a fluid manner through memory. ‘Mnemonic’ focuses on Hendrik’s own memory of the Rietveld Academy building, speculating on how his future remembrance of the present space would be. Which fragments will remain and which ones will be left out? A specific series of elements are cast in latex. Hanging in a row, they represent the route he made daily through the building. This installation illustrates how the experience of a place can accumulate memories in certain parts and create absolute voids in others. The fluidity of latex gives body to the fluidity of memory, it is flexible and not fixed: it shows architectural features beyond their static appearance.

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