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Cor Unum

At OBJECT 2017 Cor Unum presents the results of our designers’ quest to new ways of changing the skin of ceramic objects. Was any kind of deformation traditionally the worst-case scenario which could happen within the ceramic craft, now deformation is exactly the intention of the designers. Deformation can occur at any stage of the ceramic craft, from mould to finish. Subjecting the mould to additions and applications or mutations during gutting, drying, baking or glazing the result is always different, but always as meant to be. The avant-garde of Dutch designers developed, in co-creation with Cor Unum-Ceramics, objects with one common mission: changing the traditional skin of ceramics.

Together with Maarten Baas, rENs, Alex de Witte, Mae Engelgeer, Floris Wubben, Roderick Vos, Floris Hovers, Kranen/Gille, David Derksen and Jeroen Wand, Cor Unum presents a new step in ceramic craft.

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