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Chris Slutter | Pilat & Pilat

Chris Slutter is averse to computer techniques, but has a tremendous passion for mechanical production techniques. The design usually starts from a study of the deformation of material. Techniques such as crushing and flaring of tube, and forcing a flat plate form an important basis for his work. The result radiates from the same toughness as the machines he works with. Raw, sober, powerful. Chris’ work is tangible. It sets down a strong and associative image. Although seemingly straightforward, under the surface the work is narrative and poetic, with an eye for detail. Chris works as a freelance designer in Amsterdam. His studio is mainly equipped as a workshop. All prototypes, commissioned work and small series are produced here. A large number of his designs are housed in prestigious national and international collections such as Goods, Van Esch, Functionals, Spectrum and the German Tecnolumen. He exhibits his work on a regular basis at home and abroad, in museums and major furniture fairs.

Chris Slutter and Pilat & Pilat
Chris Slutter’s work is a continuous search for the simplest form in design. Like Pilat & Pilat, he loves sturdy and archetypal furniture. His table Tom – on one leg – has become a real ‘Chris’ for Pilat. Pilat and Chris share the same preference for honest and sustainable materials.

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